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What if there was a way that you could find the best and most affordable hospitals to go to for treatment in Germany, Switzerland, Israel and Austria? Most people actually struggle to find the best affordable and reliable hospitals that can offer them treatment especially if the treatment is only available abroad. A lot of people spend so much time searching the internet in the hope of finding the best facilities. Sometimes it's difficult to find exactly what your are looking for and on some occasions you could actually fall into the hands of internet scammers. This poses a big risk because diagnostics and treatment when it comes to health matters are not things to be taken lightly. Overview BookingHealth is an online portal that allows you to search for leading hospitals that offer treatment for your kind of illness. It avails travel opportunities as well as proposals from the four leading countries in the field of medicine and health services, that is, Germany, Austria, Israel and Switzerland. It is like a travel website for medicine. Features The portal actually allows you to do several things that in the end assist you in choosing the best hospital for treatment or diagnostics. They include: * Searching for the most ideal check-up and diagnostic programs * Booking treatment programs. You can also see the list of measures for specific treatments of more or less relevant ailments * Viewing a list of rehabilitation measures and also having the option to pick time and duration of every program * There are also medical Well and SPA tours that you can find on the website What are the benefits of this 1. First of all it saves you a lot of time which would otherwise have been wasted in searching for the best treatment centers abroad. If you want to go for treatment in Germany or Austria and you don't have any family or friend that can offer you advise on where best to go, you can actually spend so much time just looking for relevant information. On that front, this portal is totally a game changer because you can find the relevant information at the click of a button. 2. Saves you money because it also does price comparison between hospitals and countries. You can therefore get the same services but at a cheaper price which would be an added bonus. 3. Top notch medical services. The portal will give you the best hospitals in the specified countries so that you can receive treatment from only the best doctors and medical facilities. There are over 5,000 doctors in the portal to choose from. 4. Transparency. You get to pick the hospital that you want to go to by yourself. There is also full transparency in financial calculations and follow up on the progress of patients. The only downside with the portal is that it limits you to four countries. One can however not complain because they are also the best countries in the field of medicine so you are assured of the best treatment facilities and doctors. BookingHealth is revolutionizing medical tourism and where patients previously had difficulty in seeking treatment abroad, it provides a much needed solution.
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