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Title:Montana Cowboy and Rustic - We specialize in Horse Hair Bracelets and Western Accessories.
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Description:Enhance your natural beauty while making your western outfit pop! Remember, your personality is directly reflected in the way you dress. Color-coordinated clothing and accessories show the world that you tend to be highly organized, trustworthy and very creditable. People might seek you out for advice simply because you look so professional. We offer many matching hat bands, bracelets, key rings, zipper pulls and even boot bracelets. The perfect accent for your western wear, these bracelets will show everyone your love for horses. Most are hand made in Texas. Horse hair jewelry is stylish as well as environmentally friendly. All of the horse hair suppliers that I read about use tail hair from live animals, not the whole tail, obviously, but trimmings. It is cultivated like sheep's wool or llama hair. As an example, many horse farms in England traditionally trim the horse tails for showing purposes. FREE First Class USPS mail shipping within the USA and no taxes. An example might be a Horse Hair Bracelet with Pewter Beads. These bracelets are constructed using a four string braiding technique which yields a square strand. Three such strands are sewn together side by side. The center strand features a 3/8" round or a one inch long pewter bead with a small gold or silver colored accent bead on each side. A silver color lobster-claw clasp complete the bracelet.
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