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Title:Reacton Fire Suppression
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Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems, based in the City of Chelmsford, just 30 miles from Central London. Founded in 1968 with the sole purpose of protecting precious racing cars, two young engineers created the first Reacton fire suppression system using what is now known as ‘burst tube’ technology. Fast forward 50 years and Reacton is now a leading manufacturer of automatic fire suppression systems at an international level. Acquired in 2016, the team has grown to exceed expectations in all key areas including research and development, customer care, product training, sales and marketing. At the heart of Reacton is a team of world-class engineers, dedicated to the advancement of fire suppression technology, developing solutions that deliver exceptional reliability protecting both people and assets without compromise. Reacton is a business driven to deliver advanced technology that is high quality and unquestionably reliable. We continue to deliver on our vision to expand our UK base and international reach.

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